December is almost here which means Christmas is just around the corner! Here at Jellystone Park™, we have a December FULL of holiday festivities! Stay with us for one of our Christmas weekends and experience all sorts of holiday activities like cookie decorating, bear caroling, hot cocoa sipping, and (a camper favorite) our site decorating contest! We wanted to give you a leg up on the competition, so here are 10 of our favorite ideas for this year’s site decorating contest!

1. Christmas Lights

A Christmas essential, make sure your Jellystone Park™ vacation is merry and bright with lots and lots of Christmas lights!

2. Giant Christmas Ornaments

These easy-to-make ornaments will have your site looking larger than life! Plus, you can reuse the supplies after the holidays—a win-win!

Via Smart School House.

3. Christmas Crate Train

Choo-choo! Showcase your Christmas spirit by making this adorable train decoration with leftover crates!

Photo via The Keeper of the Cheerios.

4. Lanterns

Make your own snowflake lanterns this year by poking holes into old tin cans! Stick them in your windows and your RV will look cozier than ever!

Photo via Rachel Camille Events.

5. Pallet Christmas Tree

No need to haul your fake evergreen to your site this year, light up the park with these DIY trees!

Photo via Christmas Lights etc.

6. Reindeer Dog

Pick up a pair of antlers from the store or make them yourself to transform your furry friend into one of Santa’s reindeer! The kids will love it!

Photo via Tiny Little Bee.

7. DIY Birdseed Ornaments

The birds will flock to your trees this December with these birdseed ornaments! Help out the birds that didn’t fly south for the winter by making these super fun decorations!

Photo via eHow.

8. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

These giant lollipops are so cute and so easy to make—they’ll look so good you might want to take a bite!

Via Smart School House.

9. Giant Presents

Bring some Christmas joy to your site by setting out these giant, rustic presents that must have fallen out of Santa’s sleigh!

Photo via The Navage Patch.

10. Stockings

Make sure to hang your stockings with care this year! Yogi and the bears can “bearly” contain their excitement!

Have a holly jolly Jellystone Park™ Christmas this year by booking a stay! We have tons of fun themed weekends planned for holiday fun – see you soon!