Have you already perfected the traditional roasty-toasty, fire-flamed s’more? Time to branch out! August 10 is National S’mores Day and we’ve been busy compiling the wildest, out-of-the-box recipes to spice up this camping classic! These 10 ideas will keep you busy and definitely leave you wanting s’more!

1. S’mores Cheesecake Pops

Cheesecake + S’mores + Lollipops = a crazy idea that just might work! Try it out for yourself!

2. S’mores Sweet Potato

Probably not a combination that a lot of people have thought of, but it does look delicious!

3. Mini S’more Pies

These individual, bite size s’more pies will leave everyone wanting another – not to mention they’re a breeze to make!

4. Mini S’mores Eclaires

Everything is better mini! These eclairs look to die for!

5. S’mores Pizza

Possibly the sweetest, stickiest pizza you’ll ever eat! Grab a slice now!

6. Twist on the Classic

We had to include a couple classic s’more ideas – but these all have an exciting new twist!

7. Oreo S’more Trifles

Oreos and s’mores are a great combo. This Oreo S’more Trifle is a must-try!

8. S’more Milkshake

Wow! This is definitely one to split with a friend – but doesn’t it look delicious?!

9. Sushi S’mores

Kid-friendly sushi is here! Have fun with this one and use chopsticks for a tasty treat!

10. S’mores Cookie Cups

Portable, easy to make, and super tasty – what’s not to like! These s’more cookie cups are a must try!

Have any other creative s’more ideas? Be sure to post on social media (Instagram or Facebook) and tag us with the hashtag #jellystonehillcountry!