Camping is the perfect getaway for those who need a relaxing, yet fun-filled vacation. From enjoying the morning sunrise view to a marshmallow roasting evening over the campfire, camping is a fun and exciting trip for the whole family! But have you ever wondered what makes the perfect camper? Read below to find out!

1. Respect your campsite

Nobody likes seeing a messy campground. Take care of your campsite by following all the rules Jellystone Park™ sets so that we keep our beautiful earth clean! Make sure to use all equipment and resources wisely, as well as pick up after yourselves. A good rule of thumb is to leave your campsite cleaner than you found it so that all can enjoy the adventure of camping! Both mother earth and Yogi Bear™ will thank you for it!

2. Be cautious of the speed limit

All campgrounds have a designated speed limit for a reason. It’s important to follow this rule in order to ensure everyone’s safety! Keep your eye out for the varying speed limits of cars, golf carts, and other vehicles.

3. Understand the smoking boundaries

If you are an active smoker, be aware of your surroundings and how they may affect others. Always remember that smoking stays on your own personal campsite and no common areas. Yogi Bear™ would also appreciate it if cigarette butts were disposed of properly.

4. Follow the established quiet hours

Some people value their sleep highly, while others would rather enjoy the outdoors as soon as the sun rises. It’s important to understand when quiet hours are in the Jellystone Park™ your campsite resides in. In this way, you can get a good nights sleep with no worries about any loud noises. After all, happy campers are the best campers!

5. Sharing is caring

You know who loves s’mores? Yogi Bear™ and his friends! Always share your s’mores with them and any other fellow campers who are up for this tasty treat!

6. Be mindful of other camper’s space

When camping, make sure to acknowledge where the boundaries of your personal campsite start and end. By refraining from walking on other people’s campsites, your camping neighbors will have a happy stay just like you!

7. Help the environment

Join Yogi Bear™ and his friends in helping make their home a beautiful campsite for all to enjoy! You can help by picking up any garbage that you see and throwing it away in the nearest trash can. Don’t forget to encourage others to do the same!

8. Using firewood

Firewood is an essential item for having the perfect camping trip. Lucky for you, Jellystone Park™ provides firewood for you to purchase right on the campground, so there’s no need to worry on how to transfer it from your home to the park! Please remember to only start fires in the designated fire pits, as well as be cautious around the campfire so no one gets hurt.

9. Take care of your pets

If a furry friend is joining you on your camping adventure, make sure to take care of your pet properly. Pets should be kept on a leash and any excessive barking should be limited. Don’t forget to pick up their waste and introduce them to Yogi Bear™ too!

10. Have the #bestvacationever at Jellystone Park™

Always remember to have fun while camping with Yogi Bear™ and his friends! There are plenty of activities for you and your family to enjoy. During your stay, don’t forget to take a picture with a “Best Vacation Ever” sign in order to showcase all the wonderful memories you made!

These guidelines outlined above are set for your own personal safety, while also ensuring that you and your family have loads of fun! Always remember to respect nature and have the #bestvacationever with your friends and family. Yogi Bear™ can’t wait to see how you demonstrate what it means to be a perfect camper on your next camping trip!