Halloween is coming up, and we’re so ready to begin all our festivities at Jellystone Park™! Get ready for some spooky, scary fun like trick or treating, haunted trails, costume contests, and most importantly, our site decorating competition! This competition happens every week and is voted on by the campers! There is a prize for both cabins and campsites, so everyone has a chance to win big! Keep reading to get inspired by these spook-tacular decorating ideas!

 1. Floating Halloween Candles

Fly some spooky candles high in the sky and light up your site with this Halloween hoax!

2. Spirit Jugs

Line the pathway to your cabin, RV, or tent with these multi-faced spirit jugs! Make them as creepy or silly as you want!

Photo via Eighteen 25 – check out instructions here!

3. Balloon Spider Webs

A whole list of DIY Halloween ideas! Our favorite are the balloon spider webs!

4. Trash Bag Spider Webs

The more spider webs the better! This easy craft will spookify your campsite in no time!

5. Cardboard Tombstones

Come up with silly names like Yul B. Next, Myra Maines, Paul Tergeist, and so much more! Jellystone trick or treaters will have a blast reading them all!

Photo via eHow – check out full instructions here!

6. Fireproof Skulls

Yikes! These creepy skulls are fireproof and will scare off any unwanted visitors!

Photo via Geeks – check out detailed information here!

7. Lawn Ghosts

Add these bedsheet ghosts to your lawn for an eerie, glowing decoration!

Check out more information here at Listotic!

8. Masking Tape Hand

Ask a friend to lend you a hand and create as many of these creepy zombie hands as you can to decorate your site for ultimate scares!

Photo via Wholesale Party Supplies – check out step by step instructions here!


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