We may all be stuck inside for the time being, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still pitch a tent and enjoy a night of camping! Follow along with our 6 steps to plan the perfect family Camp from Home Night. PLUS, all at-home campers will have a chance to win $250 (check out our Instagram page for details)!

Step 1: Build your tent or fort

Whether you want pitch an actual tent in your living room (or back yard) or you’d rather build a comfy fort out of pillows and blankets, your shelter is essential for a “camping” getaway!

s'mores graphic

Step 2: Gather your camping snacks

We suggest s’mores, chips, veggies, and anything else you’d like to snack on! These will come in handy!

campfire camping

Step 3: “Light” a virtual fire

Camping wouldn’t be camping without a fire! If you’re unable to light a real fire outside because you don’t have the equipment or because your area is experiencing a burn ban, “fire” up the TV, iPad, or cut up some construction paper to get the feeling of a cozy fire!

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Step 4: Play a camping game

Cards, board games, and more! Keep yourselves occupied and have a family game night with any of your favorites. Need ideas? Check out our indoor games here.

nighttime camping

Step 5: Tell a campfire (or ghost) story

Gather round your “fire” and regale your favorite family stories or come up with your own! Just make sure they’re not TOO spooky!

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Step 6: Call someone you wish you were camping with

Social distancing has made us all miss our friends and family a little extra! Give your loved ones a call and pretend like you’re all camping together again. We’re counting down the days until we reunite with you all!


Be sure to take a photo during one of these steps! If you post online and tag us, you’ll be entered to win $250 towards your next stay! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Check out our Instagram page for more details.