Did you know that August 1, 2017 marks the beginning of Family Fun Month? That’s 31 opportunities for your family to pack in as much fun as you can! Here at Jellystone Park™, we are all about making family memories, so visiting us is #1 on the list! Can’t visit Jellystone Park™ this month? Don’t worry, we have 30 additional suggestions to make sure that your family has a blast this August!

  1. Visit Jellystone Park™
  2. Have a bonfire & make s’mores
  3. Play outside in the sprinklers
  4. Go to a local ice cream place
  5. Visit a hands-on museum
  6. Play a board game
  7. Make arts & crafts
  8. Go to the beach
  9. Play basketball in the driveway
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Go to a park
  12. Watch the sunset
  13. Volunteer
  14. Start a backyard garden
  15. Go swimming
  16. Build a fort
  17. Make dinner together
  18. Go to an amusement park
  19. Have a neighborhood party
  20. Go on a nature walk
  21. Get creative with sidewalk chalk
  22. Go on a bike ride
  23. Play mini-golf
  24. Go to the movies
  25. Stay up late and star gaze
  26. Camp in your backyard
  27. Visit a zoo
  28. Have a water balloon war
  29. Check out your local library
  30. Make chocolate chip cookies
  31. Plan your next trip to Jellystone Park™

As you can see, there is endless fun to be had with your family. With a little creativity, many of the items on this list can even be done for free! But the best news is, no matter where you live, as long as you have your family members, you have all you need!