We could all use a getaway more than ever this summer – and Jellystone Park™ is the perfect place to go. Enjoy fresh air and the great outdoors, plus awesome amenities and top-notch accommodations. Bonus: the fun doesn’t stop here, there are still plenty of opportunities to have outdoor adventures with your family nearby during your trip. Located just 3 miles from Jellystone Park™ Hill Country, the Canyon Lake Gorge can be found. Keep reading for more information about what you can discover.

canyon lake gorge

Photo by GBRA is licensed under CC by 2.0.


Back in the summer of 2002, more than 34 inches of rainfall resulted in a historic flood that created what is now known as the Canyon Lake Gorge – a 64-acre gorge full of findings such as fossils and dinosaur footprints. Since its creation, the Canyon Lake Gorge has become a must-see spot when visiting the Texas Hill Country.


To learn more about the gorge up close and personal, guided tours of Canyon Lake Gorge are open to the public. The tours are offered on a variety of days and are only $10 per person. Since the tour is 3 hours long and physically demanding – good walking shoes and bottled water are required. To schedule a tour, visit the website to browse availability here.


We highly recommend getting outside and vacationing safely this summer at Jellystone Park™. Camping is a great alternative and allows families the space to make new memories. While you’re in the area – check out the Canyon Lake Gorge with your family or friends. If you have any interest in geology, history, or nature – this is a great opportunity to explore dinosaur tracks and perfectly preserved fossils.