Take our Character Quiz to see what Yogi Bear™ character you are most like! Are you sweet like Cindy, or mischievous like Yogi? Are you fun like Boo Boo, or outdoorsy like Ranger Smith? Take the quiz now to find out!


What's your favorite color?

What's the one thing you would bring on a deserted island?

What do you do in your spare time?

What's your favorite game?

Where in the woods would you want to live?

What's your favorite emoji?

What's your favorite food?

What's your favorite accessory?

What's your favorite season?

What award would you win?

Describe your ideal date.

What's your favorite activity at Jellystone Park™?

Which Yogi Bear™ Character Are You?
Yogi Bear™

You got Yogi Bear™! Whether you're inside or outdoors, you're always on the look out for fun! Although you sometimes get into shenanigans while you're having fun, you always seem to get out of trouble due to your winning personality and trusty friends! You find yourself scouring the kitchen for snacks a couple times a day due to your love of all things food. You are one clever bear!
Boo Boo Bear™

You got Boo Boo Bear™! You are either a kid or a kid-at-heart. You take pleasure in the simple joys of life and are perpetually in a good mood - no one can rain on your parade! Your friends appreciate how loyal you can be and know you'll always be up for a good time. Also, they can count on you to keep them out of trouble! Any friend would be lucky to have you around!
Cindy Bear™

You got Cindy Bear™! You get along with everyone and try to keep the peace between friends and family by using your level-head and charm. You are very mature for your age and do not stoop to your friends’ level when they go out causing trouble. Out of all your friends, you are the most put together because you like to look nice for any occasion! All your friends look up to you!
Ranger Smith™

You got Ranger Smith™! You love the outdoors and spend your free time in nature appreciating the small things - exploring on your own is one of your favorite things to do! You are also a strict rule-follower. You appreciate rules and understand why they’re in place because you enjoy order. When people disregard the rules this makes you angry. You are a great leader and example to have around!

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