Stressing about what to bring on your next camping trip? Worry no more! Yogi Bear™ is here to show you what you need to bring for the best vacation ever! Here are some ideas:


Perfect for protecting you from the rain and for warming up on a chilly summer night!


Dry off from the pool with your favorite beach towel. Bonus points if it has a picture of Yogi Bear™ and his friends on it!

Swim Gear

Goggles? Check. Snorkel? Check. Swimsuit? Check. You’re all set for the Jellystone Park™ water park!


Catching sun rays is a great way to get some Vitamin D, but don’t get overexposed! Protect yourself by reapplying sunscreen every hour or so. This will ensure you have a great camping trip by not getting sunburned.

S’mores Ingredients

Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows make the perfect trio. Need we say s’more?

Travel Buddy

Don’t forget your buddy at home! Bring your favorite stuffed animal to cuddle with during your car ride to Jellystone Park™, as well as during your stay.


Whether you are poolside or sitting outside your camper, make sure to bring a pair of sunglasses, or a nice shady hat, for those hot, sunshiny days!

A Book

Jellystone Park™ has so many fun and thrilling activities to offer, but it’s also important to take a breather once in awhile. Kick back and relax with your favorite book and an ice cold drink.

Snacks, Snacks, and More Snacks

This is perhaps the most important item to bring on your next camping trip. According to Yogi Bear™, you can never have too much food in your pic-a-nic basket!

We hope this checklist relieves the stress of packing for your next camping adventure. Check out how Yogi Bear™ packed his suitcase below! We can’t wait to see you soon!