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The Best Hiking Trails Near Canyon Lake, TX

Jellystone Park™ Hill Country is located in the beautiful Canyon Lake and offers a variety of hiking trails for all levels of expertise. Whether you're staying at our Camp-Resort for a week or weekend, or just passing through Canyon Lake, we recommend checking out one of the many hiking trails this city has to offer. Keep reading for beginner, intermediate, and expert hiking trails near Canyon Lake to find one that's perfect for you!



Hiking in Canyon Lake would not be the same without Madrone Trail!

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Madrone Trail: Expert - 7.5 Miles

Only 10 minutes away from our Camp-Resort, Madrone Trail is the perfect spot for a challenging hike or mountain biking. It is a 7.6 mile trail that makes its way through a peninsula on Canyon Lake. Plus, you can cool off in the lake after completing the trail. 



Panther Canyon Lake is a must on hiking trails around Canyon Lake!

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Panther Canyon Trail: Beginner - 1.6 Miles

Panther Canyon Trail is a beautiful natural area with many native animals and plants. It also includes a 1.6 mile trail that hikers should allow 1.5 hours to complete. This is a beginners trail and has many benches along the trail route. Grab your hiking boots and water, this trail is only 25 minutes away from our Camp-Resort!



Explore the many wonders of Canyon Gorge Trail!

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Canyon Lake Gorge: Intermediate - Distance Varies

The Canyon Lake Gorge is a natural area of true exploration. Carved by the flood of 2002, the Canyon Lake Gorge is a real-life classroom where visitors can witness the faults, fractures, and seeps in the limestone as well as fossils and 110 million year old dinosaur footprints. The Gorge hiking trails are available 9AM - 4:30PM from Tuesday - Sunday and require a fee. They also offer private and public tours that will take you through the history around this monumental nature area. Plus, it’s only 6 minutes away from our Camp-Resort!



Canyon Lane Memorial Trail is perfect for those looking to begin their hiking hobby in Canyon Lake!

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County Line Memorial Trail: Beginner - 2.18 Miles

Looking for an easier hiking trail near Canyon Lake? Try the County Line Memorial Trail! Only 30 minutes from our Camp-Resort, this trail connects area neighborhoods and schools and has many rest areas and bridges along the way. The linear trail is a 2.18 miles one way trail. So, feel free to stop at 2.18 miles or challenge yourself and walk another couple miles back!  



Canyon Lake Texas hiking must include a stop at Old Hancock Trail.

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Old Hancock Trail: Intermediate - 3.5 Miles

Another Canyon Lake hiking trail is the Old Hancock Trail. Only 6 minutes away from our Camp-Resort, this trail is a 3.5 mile one way trail that follows the lake line and has very little elevation gain. It is a great spot for beginner cyclists who want to try going off-road for the first time as well as the perfect spot for hiking or even horseback riding.  



Enjoy the beauty of hiking in Canyon Lake by visiting the James C. Curry Nature Center.

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James C. Curry Nature Center: Beginner - 0.9 Miles

Experience this short 0.9 mile trail near Canyon Lake perfect for walking or hiking. Only 10 minutes away from Jellystone Park™ Hill Country, the Jame C. Curry Nature Center provides visitors with a loop trail with beautiful views! Plus, there is water and benches available along the route. Make sure to rest and keep hydrated!



Cypress Creek Nature Preserve not only has great hiking trails but also many exploring opportunities.

Photo by wimberleywatershed.org

Cypress Creek Nature Preserve: Beginner - 2.3 Miles

Cypress Creek Preserve is 30 minutes from our Camp-Resort and is 7.24 acres of land along Cypress Creek stretching from just east of Wimberley Square to the southwestern edge of Blue Hole Regional Park. There is 2.3 miles of trails to hike and endless amounts of animals and plants to explore. So, enjoy the day exploring nature!



Visit Purgatory Creek Natural Area, one of the most popular spots for hiking near Canyon Lake.

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Purgatory Creek Natural Area: Expert - Distance Varies

A popular spot for hiking near Canyon Lake is the Purgatory Creek Natural Area. This 700+ acre natural area is the home for many hiking trails for visitors. It has three main trailheads where you can begin your adventure - Prospect Park, Lower Purgatory, and Upper Purgatory. This spot is 30 minutes from a Camp-Resort and is recommended for advanced hikers. Make sure to look at the map here, and plan your trip ahead so that you are able to find your way easily. Adventure starts now! 



Fun is endless when visiting the trails at Blue Hole Regional Park.

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Blue Hole Regional Park: Intermediate - 4.5 Miles

Only 26 minutes away, the Blue Hole Regional Park has something fun for everyone! This hiking trail near Canyon Lake offers not only hiking and biking trails, but visitors are also able to enjoy a swimming area, an amphitheater, play areas, picnic areas, wildflower meadows, gardens, and so much more! This park is open every day 8AM - sunset and requires a small entrance fee. 



Ringtail Ridge Natural Area is not only perfect for hiking but also for beginner cyclists.

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Ringtail Ridge Natural Area: Beginner - 0.50-2.5 Miles

Visit the Ringtail Ridge Natural Area to start this beautiful trail that circles three wet-weather ponds. This natural area is only 30 minutes away from our Camp-Resort, and also offers a biking trail for beginners. 


What are you waiting for?! It's time to explore one, multiple, or all of these Canyon Lake hiking trails to top off your family getaway. Don't forget to bring sunscreen, plenty of water, and snacks!